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Packing List Sleep-Away Camp



A common question among parents sending their children to camp is: “what should I send with them?” The first thing to remember is: Y Camp is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. If it’s too precious or expensive to lose, please find an alternative item or avoid packing it. Labeling items you do send can help too! The second thing to remember is that, while we provide clean and comfortable accommodations, camp can be dirty! Mud, sand and sweat will come home on most articles of clothing, footwear, etc. Prepare for those elements when packing at the start of the week. Here is a short list of suggested items.



  • Multiple pair of shoes – Camp can be dirty and it can be nice to have dry shoes to change into. (Please do not pack Flip-Flops, as they can be hazardous around camp.)
  • Swim wear – For all those trips to the pool! Campers will stop at the pool at least once a  day.
  • Towels – Always good to stay dry.
  • Personal Care Items – Toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, etc. are all suggested for hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Clothes for All Weather – Some mornings and evenings can be brisk and a sweatshirt or jacket can be a good idea.
  • Jeans – Your camper will need them to go horseback riding.
  • Sunscreen – While camp has back-up bottles, you know your campers skin-care needs. Sending your own bottle is a good plan.
  • Bug Spray – To deet or not to deet? Another personal choice, as chemicals like bug spray can irritate both mosquitoes and your camper’s skin. Send the spray you use at home. Camp has back-up spray that does not contain deet.
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow – Sheets can be nice, but can also be a hassle. Camp beds have mattresses but not sheets or blankets. Sending a sleeping bag is a great way to keep warm and it’s an easy option.
    • (Reminder: Camp’s cabins are air-conditioned (except Treehouses)
  • Flashlight – It can get dark at night at camp! Pack a hand-held light to help avoid bumps and bruises.
  • Disposable Camera – It’s a great way to remember camp and keep the memories with you!
  • Book – Y Camp encourages reading, so bringing a great book to enjoy during down-time can help with summer learning and improving literacy.



Some items will be taken and stored safely until Check-Out. Other prohibited items will require a phone

call to parents or result in the dismissal of a camper from camp. DO NOT BRING candy/food, electronics

(handheld games, iPods, cell phones, etc.), cash, knives or other weapons, fireworks, alcohol/tobacco

products or illegal substances, personal sports equipment, animals, flip flops or lighters.



A week at camp can be intimidating for both child and parent. Sometimes it is the first time that a child has been away overnight and can cause some anxiety. A little anxiety is perfectly normal and expected for every camper. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Camp is a growing experience and growth means change. The short-term uneasiness often creates opportunities for long-term growth.
  • A week at camp builds confidence and a new sense of independence. Your camper is gaining important personal skills through their new experiences.



  • Being familiar with camp helps; talk with experienced campers, visit camp and contact us with questions!
  • Set your child up for success: don’t promise to rescue your child if he or she is homesick. Focus on providing positive support and how proud you will be when he/she succeeds. Campers who make up their minds to enjoy the week avert homesickness by seeking new friends and getting involved in camp activities.
  • Some campers feel guilty about leaving the family or pet behind. Assure your camper that you love him/her, that you will be happy thinking about the good experiences he/she is having, and that you’ll look forward to hearing about them after camp.
  • Please don’t suggest phone calls – these are extremely difficult to manage and campers should focus on having fun and participating, not on a phone call. If your camper is experiencing a significant difficulty, the Summer Camp Director will contact you to work on an action plan.


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