Our Mission

Whether it’s in the small conversations around campfires and little moments like a shared smile or the big accomplishments of conquering a fear of heights and the incredible gratitude of finding a home, we take pride in our mission and the impact Y Camp makes on the world. The Valley is for all and has an infinite capacity to welcome new campers, families and individuals to the Camp Family.

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body For ALL.

We are founded on the idea laid out in Proverbs 22:6, which tells us that if we show children a path to follow, when they grow up they will stay true to it. In other words, we are planting seeds. We plant seeds of independence, confidence, character, faith, love, environmental stewardship and friendship. Our programs build stronger people, families and communities.

“My daughter was thrilled and it exceeded her expectations. She learned to be away from home and make friends on her own, as well as learn about character.” -2018 Parent

“Fabulously well run camp that has been a very special place for my children for many years! Friendships, experiences, learning and memories that they will cherish for their whole lives.” -2018 Parent

Connect with us, ask questions and take time to learn more about the Des Moines Y Camp. Finding a camp, whether for a group, a school or your child, is a big decision and we encourage you to research everything. We believe that connecting with a camp is extremely valuable, regardless of which camp. We invite you to be our guest and come experience the Closest Place to Heaven on Earth at the Des Moines Y Camp.