What should I pack for a stay at Y Camp?

Being in Iowa, the seasons present different conditions at the Des Moines Y Camp. In spring, it’s always a good idea to pack a rain coat, boots and warm clothes for the possibility of cold mornings and evenings, for example. The best packing list to start with contains the following: pants or shorts depending on weather (long pants are required to ride horses, if that is part of your camp experience), shirts, a sweatshirt pullover for cooler weather, rainwear, shoes that you are comfortable getting dirty or wearing outdoors, toiletries, towels, swimsuit (during summer), bedding (camp does not provide blankets, sheets or pillows), water bottle, sunscreen and bug spray. In winter it’s important to remember clothing for cold temperatures and potential snow as well. We encourage you to remember that Y Camp is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items, so it’s not a great place to bring expensive or valuable items if they are not necessary.

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