Leadership & Teambuilding

The Y Camp Leadership program develops problem-solving skills, cooperation, risk-taking and trust. While physical accomplishment is part of the program, the overall emphasis is on instilling self-confidence and teamwork.

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Whether as the first step in a multi-day experience or standalone activity these challenges lay the foundation of introspective reflection needed to process and learn from future team activities.  Y Camp's Communities class uses fun, challenging games to teach the power of working together. Students move out of their comfort zone and deal with taking risks and changing behavior. Naturalists facilitate a number of challenges and discuss them to bring out the lessons learned.

Low Ropes Course

The journey of self-discovery begins on this low-to-the-ground challenge course, which teaches rope skills, teamwork and problem solving skills. Our skilled Y Camp staff will guide the group through the courses and provide a comprehensive debrief to emphasize the valuable lessons learned. (Grades 6 and up)

High Ropes Course

The high course offers personal challenges conducted on poles, wires, cables and platforms 20 to 30 feet above the ground. All activities are conducted in a supportive environment and challenge risks are left to each participant.