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Amazing Animals

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Discover the similarities and differences between amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals as we look at some of the amazing animals with which we share our planet.  What do they need to survive?  Which ones live in Iowa and how can we protect them?

Animal Tracks 

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Aquatic Plants and Animals

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We will use nets and buckets to collect, and charts to identify, the various insects, crustaceans and other small creatures that inhabit our creek or river.  We will learn all about the small critters that live in the water around Y Camp, what they need to survive and what we can do to keep the water clean.  

Changes in Properties

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What is matter? How can it change? These questions & more will be answered as we investigate the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and do some hands on experiments.

Forces and Motion

We’ll push, We’ll pull We’ll use the forces of magnetism and gravity to make things move without even touching them. Then we will use our new knowledge to make catapults! Ready, aim, fire! 

Rock On

We will become geologists and investigate, identify, and classify several different types of rocks and soils including some found around Y Camp. Each student will begin their own rock collection and be able to take home some of what they collect

Wonder of Worms


Do you know how important worms are? Learn about worm anatomy, life cycle, and just what makes worms so wonderful. Expect to examine (and touch) worms and determine if they prefer dry or wet environments, light or dark and rough or smooth surfaces.

Whatever the Weather

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 Come visit us in any season and become Jr. Meteorologists as we investigate the components of weather, discover the importance of the water cycle, and learn about the tools used to measure the weather

Discovery Hike 



Links in a Food Chain

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