Pre-K - Kindergarten


More information coming soon! For more information of program details, call our office at 515.432.7558

Backyard Explorers

K-LS1-1 K-ESS2-2 K-ESS3-1

See the natural beauty that Y Camp has to offer. We will become junior biologists and explore trees/leaves, rocks/soil and animals that call Y Camp their home.

Everything Animals - Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians

K-LS1-1 K-ESS2-2


Farming Fun

K-LS1-1 K-ESS2-2 K-ESS3-1


Let's Get Moving

K-PS2-1 K-PS2-2


Plants are Perfect

K-LS1-1 K-ESS2-2 K-ESS3-1


Discovery Hike

K-ESS3-1 K-LS1-1





Whatever the Weather 

K-ESS2-1 K-ESS3-2