Partner Camps

One of the founding principles of the Des Moines Y Camp is service to kids and families. Through the many relationships with fellow camping organizations, Y Camp offers facilities, programs and more to several partner camps. Some of those programs are multiple weeks, some are for a few days but all of them share the passion of investment in today’s youth. Below you can find more about some of Y Camp’s Partner Camps.


For decades the Iowa State Sheriff and Deputy Association (ISSDA) has partnered with the Des Moines Y Camp to send children from across the state of Iowa to a week of camp. Each camper is selected by his or her county sheriff’s office and rides to camp with a deputy. It’s the start of a big adventure and it’s thanks to our partnership with the ISSDA that we can provide a week at camp for 125 children each summer. For more information, visit the ISSDA website.


The National TTT Society’s mission is to use members’ time, talent and treasures to send girls to camp. Each summer, fourth-grade girls from around the state attend Y Camp thanks to the efforts and compassion of TTT volunteers. As a national organization, TTT currently serves children in 11 states by working with school districts and various additional programs to find young women who may not otherwise have been able to afford camp. They raise money to send them to camp as well as taking them shopping so that they have a new wardrobe leading up to their week at camp. It’s an uplifting and powerful program built on giving back to and encouraging tomorrow’s women. For more information, visit the National TTT Society website.

Hertko Hollow

Since 1972, Camp Hertko Hollow had grown to become one of the best camp programs for children diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Their long-standing relationship with Y Camp has developed into a strong and positive partnership that both camps take pride in. Camp Hertko Hollow is dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth who have diabetes. The goals at camp are: Recreation, Education, Regulation and FUN! Campers enjoy the traditional camp activities while learning about living with diabetes. Meeting other youth and counselors who have diabetes is also a great benefit of the experience. For more information, visit the Camp Hertko Hollow website.


Connecting through overnight camp and weekend retreats at the Des Moines Y Camp, Children’s Cancer Connection provides a place for children and families who are or have been affected by cancer. Based in Des Moines, the camp provides an Oncology Camp for those recovering from and battling cancer as well as Sibling Camp for their brothers and sisters.

“No parent is prepared to learn their child has cancer. That’s why Children’s Cancer Connection is here to help you navigate the road ahead. While many great organizations are working to find a cure for the disease afflicting more than 13,500 children each year in the United States, Children’s Cancer Connection strives to provide care following a cancer diagnosis. We offer support, education and recreation for the entire family for the entire journey. Whatever twists and turns you encounter as you adjust to your new normal, you can always count on one thing: Children’s Cancer Connection is dedicated to supporting you the entire way.” For more information, visit the Children's Cancer Connection website.

Des Moines Refugee Support Group

The mission of Des Moines Refugee Support is to identify and bridge gaps for refugee families, in particular refugee children, as they establish their new lives in America. Des Moines Refugee Support provides a new beginning, helps refugee families integrate into American life and provides families with activities such as summer camp and soccer. Des Moines Refugee Support do many food drives, and provide donations from food pantries. By providing resources and support to refugee families, Des Moines Refugee Support hopes to build a community for families as they establish their new lives in America. For more information, visit the Des Moines Refugee Support website


The Des Moines Y Camp is proud of its relationships with the camps listed above, among others! We believe that connecting with as many kids as possible is best achieved by working with organizations who share our commitment to youth development. Going forward, we intend to build more relationships and try to make the Des Moines Y Camp a home for thousands more young people and families.

If you have questions or have a camp that is interested in learning more, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!